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Cashier - Retail Store Clerk

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Applications for employment with Iovine Brothers require all candidates applying be willing and able to perform any or all position within the company. Applicants be prepared to be assigned to work in whatever capacity is needed on a given day, and fully comprehend that we are not able to hire new staff specifically for any one aspect of the job.

Following is a brief description of some general responsibilities that all employees are expected to perform at all times, followed by a descrption of more specific positions that typically, employees could potentially alternate from being assigned to one or more of in the course of a day.

All Iovine Brothers staff must possess qualities essential to provide our customers with the highest level of service available. All staff must be genuinely friendly, resourceful, helpful and prepared to always go that extra mile for any customer.

All Iovine Brothers staff are required to maintain a clean and safe environment for the customer which means that it is everyone's responsibility to keep the store as clean as possible. No staff member should ever walk past something on the floor assuming someone else's job to pick it up. That would be considered neglected general responsibilities.

Knowledge of Produce - all employees are expected to have extensive knowledge of produce and be able to identify subtle differences in the variety of items we sell. Basic knowledge is required and may be tested prior to employing any candidate. Improving your degree of knowledge is an ongoing requirement and must be taken seriously by any conscientious employee.

Cashier - it is necessary for candidates to be able to operate a point of sale system; have the capacity to memorize Produce Look Up Numbers for most commonly sold produce items (standard in supermarket industry); and be able to accurately and responsibly deal with cash and other methods of payments used to complete transactions;

Packaging - This department packages a variety of items, using many different packaging methods. Candidates must be able to recognize the shelf-life of items, document activity to control inventory volumes; assume responsibility for all items displayed and replenish stock before shelves are empty; document amount used, packaged for sale and the amount of shrink for each item, along with the reason it went to waste.

Inventory Control - receiving orders from vendors; unloading and storage of all items to appropriate location; specific attention to storage of temperature controlled items; placement of new inventory in appropriate location (critical when selling perishable items); timely pick orders for customers or for replenishing stock of each item on display in the store. Make sure all items in the store display are setup and stock replenish, including beverages, dairy, packaged goods.

Merchandising Dipslay - prepare list of items to be retrieved from storage to complete setup display of all items; display all items while minimizing damage to the product being displayed. Remove all items that are damaged or beginning to spoil from display as shrink and report quantity of shrink for each item; document shrink given to prep area for use by food prep or packaging #2;

Breakdown - remove items that require overnight refrigeration with the least amount of damage to product; clean every aisle and workspace where produce is handled or packaged; inspect cleanliness of entire facility before leaving; confirm all products that require refrigeration are stored properly and that all areas travelled to transport items to refrigeration are cleaned. Lock all Iovine Brothers dry and refrigerated storage areas.


Retail experience using a point of sale system is desirable, but not mandatory. Candidate may be required to take a test to determine their aptitude level when working with cash register systems. Knowledge of produce is crucial to identify items being sold, however, we may consider training candidates who demonstrate willingness and ability to learn. Candidates may be required to be tested on product knowledge to be considered. Additional testing may be required during standard any employee's probation period during first 3 months of employment to determine whether or not candidate is progressing. All employees are required to be on their feet for the duration of their shift, and substantial cleaning is necessary on a daily basis for any position with the company. Candidates must acknowledge physical aspects of the position and that they are fully aware of what is required. Candidates must disclose any and all health issues that would be preclude them being able to perform minimum physical requirements of any position with the company.

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